System Requirements: JavaScript enabled; Java

Getting Started: On the right side of the this page:

  1. Choose which document to type from the drop-down list.
  2. Choose the duration of the typing test, from 1 to 5 minutes.
  3. Choose typing mode. Regular mode places the letters you type beneath the original text; overstrike puts your typing directly on the original.
  4. Click the Start button
Test Duration:
Test Mode:

Taking the Test: Type each character when the ^ symbol moves under it. As you type, only the correct letters you type will appear. Incorrect keystrokes will not show up in the typing box. Therefore, you need to look up at the screen frequently to make sure you are still typing the correct thing. If your computer has sound, you will hear a noise when you make a mistake. The Incorrect Key box will also show when you hit the wrong key.

While typing, the bottom of the window will display two other pieces of information as well: your Adjusted Words per Minute up to this point and how much time is remaining in your test.

If you see a ¶ mark while typing, you should press Enter. At the end of lines that do not have this symbol, simply hit the Space Bar to move to the next line.

The Results Screen: When your test time is up, the results screen will appear. It tells you several things:

  • Adjusted Words per Minute: Your typing speed, minus mistakes.
  • Accuracy: What percentage of keystrokes you made correctly.
  • Duration: How long you were actually typing.