Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this for sale?

No. I do this as a hobby and time spent gathering parts together to sell models is time spent not building, writing rules, and otherwise having fun with it. It's also very difficult to make money on custom models. The rules are freely available; perhaps sometime I'll put together a print version for sale. I did create a couple of BQ rooms with Lego Digital Designer to see how they'd price out on Lego Factory, but they were prohibitively expensive.

2. Do you have instructions for your creations?

All my BrickQuest related instructions--modules and so forth--are here on the site if you look around.

3. Where do you get all these specialized pieces?

4. What's this BrickRuler you mention in the rules?

It's just a simple ruler created with some plates and 2x4 bricks so that you can measure distance between two points in the dungeon. You can build it any number of ways, but here's what mine looks like:


5. I like your rules, but can I change them or add my own?

You're welcome to make your own modifications to BrickQuest; through the Creative Commons license you are allowed to make derivative works (like stats for your own monsters, or new rules like character advancement) provided:

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